medical transportation benefits

Life and death often hinges on the amount of time needed to help a patient out of harm’s way, say emergency room doctors commenting on a hospital website. In turn, there are many “time saving” advantages of emergency medical transports by special aircraft or helicopters. For example, most U.S. medical trauma centers are connected to a designated helicopter that is exclusively prepared for on-call emergency medical service (EMS). A typical scenario is a doctor ordering specialized treatment for a patient at some other hospital or medical center. In a flash the patient is airlifted by helicopter or aircraft from an accident location to a hospital or carried by air between emergency medical centers. The result is often a life saved because of the many inherent advantages of air medical transport for emergency needs of patients with air critical care services.

Ensuring your medical insurance covers medical transport

At a time in American history when citizens are taking a close look at their need for comprehensive health care in the wake of the Obama Care debate, it is good to know that most health insurance plans allow for emergency medical transport. In fact, this service is dubbed “air ambulance” because carrying patients by means of helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft is now considered as mainstream in America because air ambulance services are used daily in all communities nationwide.

Overall, there is good news for anyone caught in an emergency situation at a remote crash or bad weather site with the aid of modern medical air transport services.