katie reiderKatie wrote from experience and beared her soul for all to hear. Her songs are about life and love and hardship and relationships. She just throws it all out there, saying what she means. To know katie... is simply to listen.

Reider joined the artist cooperative label co-founded by Janet Pressley, Blue Jordan Records, and released her first album, Wonder, in late 1998. According to Reider, the title contained a double meaning: "I wonder about a lot of things, and then I wonder about it all and how wonderful it is."

katie reider   katie reider
In December 2000, Reider released the live album, No Retakes. According to the Cincinnati Post: "Throughout the set we hear how Ms. Reider's voice is growing more powerful and sensual as her band soars on her deliciously subtle hooks and melodies."

katie reider   katie reider
Reider released her second studio album in December 2001, I Am Ready. Just a couple weeks later, the Cincinnati Post named it one of the top ten local albums of the year, calling it "more musically diverse, showing mature song crafting and confident, gutty vocals way beyond her 23 years."

katie reider   katie reider
Reider’s third studio release in 2004, Simplicity is similar to John Mayer’s acoustic album, "Inside Wants Out", the lure of "Simplicity" is Reider’s ability to hold the listener’s attention through diverse melodies and catchy songwriting, while maintaining an almost completely acoustic sound.


katie reider
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